Bradley Cooper is desperate to be a dad before age 40, he wants to marry Suki?

You may have noticed that Bradley Cooper did something different at this year’s Oscars by not bringing his mom as his date. The 39-year-old double nominee (I still can’t get over that) attended with his 22-year-old model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. I thought Bradley would play it cool and meet up with Suki at the afterparties, so this was a surprising development.

The two unlikely lovebirds sat together in the front row. She wore a fugly Marchesa dress, a label that always makes me give the side eye to the wearer. Not only because Marchesa is usually the worst, but because Harvey Weinstein usually pesters actresses into wearing his wife’s label. Sure enough, Harvey is the one who introduced Bradley to Suki after she supposedly begged Harvey to do so. Suki is an actress too, you know. She has a romantic comedy coming out soon. For real.

I wanted to cover this new story about BCoop and Suki because it puts a different spin on the usual “I want babies” storyline. Usually we hear about a girlfriend being desperate to marry and have a man’s babies. It’s so sexist and silly, but that’s how the gossip rolls. This week’s issue of Star says BCoop is the one who is jonesing to procreate. Of course he wants to do it with Suki:

Bradley Cooper may not have won gold on Oscar night, but the American Hustle actor, 39, has his eye on a different prize — marrying his gorgeous girlfriend! Friends say the actor plans to propose to British model Suki Waterhouse, 22, this summer. “Suki is aware that Bradley wants to marry her, but he’s keeping all the details of the proposal top secret,” says the pal. “Suki is the first woman to come along whom Bradley can really picture a future with.” The friend adds that Bradley is on a tight time frame: “He plans to start trying for a baby before they even marry! His goal is be a father by the time his 40th birthday rolls around, next January.”

[From Star, print edition, March 17, 2014]

I’m highly amused by the thought of Bradley and Suki giving birth to triplets and dressing them all in Marchesa. (Don’t these actresses realize we all know they’re only doing Marchesa only to please Harvey?) Anyway, I doubt this story is true, but it is amusing that the guy is the one pushing against his biological clock in a tabloid story. It’s about time.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

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