RHONJ's Joe & Teresa Giudice WANTED To Accept A Plea Deal, But THIS Got In The Way!

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Well, this is an interesting development!!

After Joe & Teresa Giudice plead not guilty in court yesterday, the world naturally assumed it was because the Real Housewives were — in fact — not guilty and they wanted the whole world to know, right?

Here’s another possibility: They didn’t have much of a choice!

According to some reports, the reality celebz originally planned to cop a plea!

Sources close to the situation say their lawyers submitted a plea deal to prosecutors which would’ve had Juicy Joe serving a buttload of jail time for the tax evasion and Teresa would merely get probation, but the U.S. Attorneys office was NOT HAVING IT!

The source said:

“Teresa and Joe’s defense team submitted a plea deal on Wednesday but the US Attorney denied it… Teresa wanted a plea deal that keeps her out of jail so she offered to do anything else BUT jail time and have Joe serve all of the time in jail. The prosecutor dismissed the deal outright.”

Apparently the prosecutors were taking any plea deals off the table that didn’t have Teresa serving cold hard time in the clink!!

So, not wanting to see Teresa land behind bars, the Giudices entered their plea of not guilty!!

Apparently the prosecutor isn’t worried about winning the case, though.

The source continued:

“[The prosecutors] believe that the evidence will show that Teresa can’t play dumb. She was in cahoots with Joe and was just as much a part of orchestrating the scam as he was. They are pushing for time for BOTH of them. They’re going to paint a completely different picture of Teresa and believe that they can show that she was just as involved as Joe in creating the fraud.”


Dig out your Snuggie and microwave yourself a bag of popcorn, folks!

This October trial should be totes entertaining!

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